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Kampeki, Deshou? by Katsumiyo
Kampeki, Deshou?
Here is a picture of me as Athena, trying to look cute. I don't really know how to, but A for effort! I'll need a little more practice before I try any more idoru cosplay.
Photo by DDD Photography.
Psycho Soldier by Katsumiyo
Psycho Soldier
Hero of Light!~
First of hopefully many Athena photos to come! This might end up being my favorite, though. The photographer and I redid this pose a dozen times to get just the right shot. Thank you for your patience, Darkain!
Athena Asamiya (King of Fighters XII) costume made and worn by me.
Photo by Darkain Multimedia.
Caught like a Bat in a Trap by Katsumiyo
Caught like a Bat in a Trap
So what now, Batgirl? Batman's not here to save you!
This was taken at BigWow last year. I really hope I can get the time off to go again this year, it's a fun little convention!
Awesome 1960s Batgirl costume by Phavorianne, Catwoman redesigned by DenisM79 and worn by me, photo by Kelly Dun.
Swallowtail by Katsumiyo
I've got some new pictures of old costumes I still have to upload before I get to the new stuff. ;D Just as well, since I'm still working on getting many of the photos back.
Am I the only one that kept fencer moves on my red mage? I loved swarmstrike and swallowtail.
Costume made and worn by me, staff made by Joe.
Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography.


United States
Current Residence: California
I celebrated my 24th birthday! ...Last Tuesday, ahaha. I'm sorry I haven't been too active on here lately. I 1) started a new full-time job in addition to my college courses and 2) have been trying to get used to this new layout. My computer sure doesn't seem to like it, as it's doubled my loading time for the homepage. Booo. Well, to celebrate my birthday, I'll be abusing my lovely subscription from Celem again by choking your journal feed with more features! Let's see how many I can cram in here before my computer begs for a merciful death.

Skyrim Dawnguard Heavy Armor by torsoboyprops leather armor close up by Lagueuse Tetra - Wind Waker by Lie-chee
Zelda - Phantom Princess by polarityplus SMITE Sylvanus by Scebiqu Julie Newmar as Catwoman by botmaster2005
Huntress - Birds of Prey by Lie-chee Deadly Blonde by Zadra
Audrey Hepburn by Chukairi Metroid- Escape! by ZUCCO-ART
Ancient by kalambo Stock: Fountain Flower Garden by Celem Dandelions by Lhuin
Bikini Morrigan 4 by ocwajbaum Young Tifa Lockhart by Narga-Lifestream AWA: Sailor Uranus by burloire
Phazon by bellhenge Green - Wii Fit Trainer by Xuco Prepped to Smash! by BigDead93
Superman and Wonder Woman by Elias-Chatzoudis Bitterness by FragileWhispers Menagerie by juliedillon

Hooray, I managed to make it to 24 before my computer started crying! Yes, Lie-chee is in here twice...I couldn't pick whether I liked her Tetra or her Huntress costume more. I actually had a hard time not chucking her Sailor Mars in here, too!
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